Monday, July 14, 2008


MADE IN THE USA by a mother of five!
Keeps kids' clothes clean by catching the sticky drips from ice cream cones or any frozen treat on a stick.
Two products in one: One end holds frozen treats on a stick. Flip the Dripstik over and the other end holds ice cream cones in almost any size and variety.
Saves parents time from cleaning up colorful puddles from forgotten desserts.
Makes an easy birthday party favor! Serve ice cream without stressing about guests making a mess, then simply send the Dripstik home with them.
Perfect for road trips. Indulge your children with stops at ice cream shacks without worrying about the upholstery. Let them get the cone instead of a cup and spoon.
Helps disabled or elderly persons, letting them enjoy ice cream with self-sufficiency.
Durable, soft plastic is long-lasting and easy-care-- simply pop into the dishwasher!
Six fun kid colours: Bionic Blue, Mellow Yellow, Awesome Orange, Keen Green, Radical Red and Punky Purple


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Potty Mitts

As if I needed something else to purchase....but, wait a minute....after I took a really good look at these. I realized I NEED those. My toddler is in the midst of potty training and I get the creeps thinking about the public restrooms. Thank goodness for this product. This definitely keeps this germ-a-phobe mom in check!! Be sure to check out the website.

Introducing, NEW Potty Mitts!! Worry no more about taking your toddler into the bathroom at the mall or a fast food restaurant! Potty Mitts are a new approach to protecting your child from germs in public bathrooms because kids touch everything! Place disposable Potty Mitts on your child and their hands are protected no matter what they touch (toilet seat, floors, walls, flushing handles). Even liquids won't penetrate through! Each mitt is decorated with playful bears so kids love to wear them! Potty Mitts come in a convenient collapsible pouch for easy storage in purse or pocket. Potty Mitts are a "must-have" for families on-the-go!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Fun

ok, I know it has been over a month since I last posted. Seems being a full time Designer/Fabulous Mommy has slowed me down. This past month was really busy with my daughters end of school functions...seems being a two year old these days is somewhat-shall I say crazy compared to the days when I grew up. We planned/celebrated her birthday party, end of school party, and a party for teacher appreciation luncheon...which I chaired the event, and that is what has been kepping me busy this past month. But, I still have had time to scour the internet for cute things....so, I will give you a break down of what I have found in the past weeks...

Crocs...cute new sandles....go to Crocs to see these darling sandles.

EcoTots...darling tables and easles for your little one made with formaldehyde-free birch plywood. Eco-friendly! Conact Sunfisher Ranch to purchase.

DesignMom Blog...great read and she is one of the co-founders of Kirsty!!! Love her artistic flare!!

Elmo is coming out with a new video this summer...titled Summertime. Be sure, my little darling will have the new release as soon as her Mommy can hit Target!!

Last and not least...my favorite purchase so far this summer...Kangaroo Portable Pouch. Great for traveling. Keeps beloved Yukon XL clean from babies, books, and Elmo DVD!!!

I will keep in touch. I promise not to leave you all out there waiting for any new reviews!! The summer should hopefully be lazy like I aspire to be!!


Friday, May 16, 2008

Soy Crayons

Now that my artsy-darling is creating colorful artwork at her school, I find I must support her..and I feel better doing so with this fabulous website... Stubby Pencil Studio....the home of all eco-friendly art products. I love the soy crayons...I feel better knowing these are unlike traditional petroleum-based crayons, these earth-friendly crayons are made from all natural pigments and soybean oil. Prang Fun Pro Soybean Crayons are brighter, lipstick smooth, and flake less than ordinary wax crayons – really! AP certified non-toxic.

This website has so much more to offer. Be sure to check out the kits!!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Naptime is the New Happy Hour!

If you like to read and you are a Mommie to a busy active toddler...check this book out. Naptime is the new Happy Hour: And other ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down. By Stefanie Wilder-Taylor. I feel in love with this book the moment I opened the pages. This is witty, funny, and so true at times.

If you get a chance head down to you local bookstore and pick ya up this book, you will not be sorry!!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

CCC Sale

If you live in East Texas and have not heard of this sale...well listen up. Two Moms started this sale and have been going for 13 years strong. The sale happens two times a year. They put all your best consignment/resale shopping under one roof. They have over 600 East Texas families bring the best of their gently used children’s and maternity clothing as well as shoes, equipment, baby furniture, outside playground equipment, nursery and maternity items, books, software, videos and of course lots of TOYS. They offer over 30,000 sq. ft of space and 3 days of shopping featuring a presale for volunteers and sellers and a half price sale on the last day.
What a great way to clean out your no longer needed items and earn money at the same time. The best part is purchasing items that your children need now at unbelievable prices. Join them as a seller, volunteer or as a shopper. Once you participate in the Children’s Clothing Consignment sale, you will never want to miss it again.
This years sale is April 10th-12th and fall sale is September (dates to be announced later). Keep your eyes open and be sure to hit this sale!!!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Cradle

How about this destination for pregnant chicas and new mommies...The Cradle...is your main stop for all the info you will need to know when you are new to the parent world or you are on a your second, third or fourth child and may need some updates!!

"The Cradle is a lifestyle destination for expectant and new parents. Through fresh and relevant content, personalized features and tools, and an engaging social networking community, The Cradle offers a central place where those who 'need to know' can connect with those 'in the know'. Stylish, smart, and relatable, The Cradle is today’s resource for the journey from pregnancy to new parenthood.
The Cradle offers:
Easy-to-use, rich social networking community with tools designed especially for expectant parents.
Customizable functionality with daily updates on your pregnancy progress.
Extensive product showcases and retail gateways.
Individual web page creation offering photo galleries, blogs, links to baby gift registries, and more.
Special focus on eco-living.
Fresh, relatable, expert-approved content by stage and topic, with special areas for dads-to-be, friends & family, and pop culture. "

Be sure to check out this cool website!!